Cyber threats and Dark Web trends from the experts at Sixgill

Bringing Back Balance To The Flow Of Information On The Web

We live in a world where information flows more freely and more rapidly than at any other point in history. Today, anyone can prepare a message that can reach an almost limitless audience and at speeds that were unimaginable in the recent past.

Proton - A New MAC OS RAT


Sixgill researchers have encountered a post in one of the leading, closed Russian cybercrime message boards. The author of the thread announced a RAT dubbed Proton, intended for installation.

A New Threat Emerges from the Russian Cybercrime Underground

On December 12th, a cybercriminal going by the moniker Gosya presented a new malware solution for sale, a Trojan with advanced capabilities by the name of Nuke (or Nuclear) HTTP Bot. He claims several advantages to his trojan, including being.

Dark Web intelligence automation is key for effective security

Globally, the cybersecurity industry suffers from a shortage of between 1-2 million IT security workers. This shortage is even more acute when discussing threat intelligence, since this specific profession relies on years of experience and.

Corporate Insiders – A Growing Cybercrime Threat

In the past couple of years, awareness to the existence of the Dark Web (or darknet) has risen dramatically, especially due to extensive media coverage of major events such as Silk Road’s demise, the subsequent arrest of its admin and large.

Hot time in cybertown: Sixgill raises $5 million

Sixgill’s preventative security work helps scour the Dark Web and Nuro is the first Israeli company to sign a commercial contract for the use of the IBM Watson

There were two Israeli cyber financing rounds on the same day: Israeli Sixgill.

Israeli Cybersecurity Company Sixgill Raises $5m

Based in Yokneam, Sixgill is a cyber intelligence SaaS startup that analyzes the Dark Web.

Israeli cyber security startup Sixgill has closed a $5 million series A financing round led by technology holding company Elron Electronic Industries Ltd..

Sixgill claims to crawl the Dark Web to detect future cybercrime

Sixgill, a self-proclaimed ‘cyber intelligence’ SaaS startup that analyses the Dark Web, is launching publicly today and announcing that it has closed a $5 million funding round led by Elron, an Israeli holding company dedicated to building.

Scitum/Telmex Signs Deal With Sixgill to Utilize Its CTI Platform

Utilizing advanced security algorithms, Sixgill’s cyber intelligence platform automatically monitors the dark web for malicious attacks, offering organizations actionable intelligence and comprehensive solutions to pre-empt and mitigate.

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