Cyber threats and Dark Web trends from the experts at Sixgill

Emerging Trends in Dark Net Markets

Every now and then, there is a high profile closure of a Dark Net market. The most famous such closure, of course, was of Silk Road. In 2017, two of the largest Dark Net markets, Alpha Bay and Hansa, were also closed down. But as history has.

Dark Web Intelligence with Sharp Teeth

We are reprinting here the blog from Beyond Search - News and information from ArnoldIT.com about search and content processing - by Stephen Arnold, the author of the book the Dark Web Notebook.

Friend or Foe: Security Concerns with Cryptocurrencies?

In the movie Goldfinger, the main villain, Auric Goldfinger, devises a plan to create a worldwide economic crisis by robbing Fort Knox, the most secure vault in the world. The vault houses the United States’ entire gold reserve (or what’s left of.

The Vulnerability of the Health Care Industry to Cyber Attacks

Similar to other verticals, the health care industry is vulnerable to cyberattacks that can cause tremendous damage, both to the medical organizations themselves and to their patients.

Understanding the Dark Web: Potential Threats and What To Do About It

Ever wonder what the Dark Web really is? How it got started? How it became the dangerous place it is? More importantly, what kind of threats are lurking out there, why you need to know about them and what you can do about them?

The Difference Between Intelligence Gathering and Dark Web Monitoring

A lot has been said, specifically in our field about the deep or dark web. How you deal with it, how you monitor it, and how you can utilize it in order to keep your brand, client, or even government safe.  Perhaps the best way to deal with the.

How ISIS Obtains Meaningful Intelligence for UAVs from Telegram

A wide spectrum of communities can be found on Telegram, a secure messaging application operating in the deep web. Over the past few years, Telegram has emerged as the jihadists' preferred application for communications.

Bringing Back Balance To The Flow Of Information On The Web

We live in a world where information flows more freely and more rapidly than at any other point in history. Today, anyone can prepare a message that can reach an almost limitless audience and at speeds that were unimaginable in the recent past.

Proton - A New MAC OS RAT


Sixgill researchers have encountered a post in one of the leading, closed Russian cybercrime message boards. The author of the thread announced a RAT dubbed Proton, intended for installation.

A New Threat Emerges from the Russian Cybercrime Underground

On December 12th, a cybercriminal going by the moniker Gosya presented a new malware solution for sale, a Trojan with advanced capabilities by the name of Nuke (or Nuclear) HTTP Bot. He claims several advantages to his trojan, including being.

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