Cyber threats and Dark Web trends from the experts at Sixgill

What Would a Collaborative Hackers' Discussion Look Like?

Cyber-threat actors may plot against their targets by using secure, instant-messaging platforms and anonymous deep and dark web forums. By focusing on hacking-oriented forums and channels, actors can find  affiliates to help them successfully.

Updated And Upgraded: Underground's Crypto-Currency Silent Miners

Blockchain has recently caught a major piece of the world's financial system, and therefore inspired curiosity among fraudsters who look for new ways to gain profits. Now a popular investment, crypto-currency mining requires suitable hardware and.

Pentester Academy: Sixgill - Dark Web Cyber Intelligence

The dark web remains an extremely suspicious entity. Many less-technical users are completely unaware of this obscure sector of the internet. The dark web is a small part of what is known as the “deep web,” which is not indexed by search engines.

How The Dark Web Provides Cybercriminals With Trojan FAQ

Various cyber-incidents from the last couple of years have proved that the prophecy was correct: cyber-threats such as malware and ransomware of many kinds have become one of the most prevalent risks to businesses worldwide. Given this dramatic.

CVE Publishing - a Double-Edged Sword?

CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) is a list of publicly known cybersecurity vulnerabilities and exposures. Its purpose is to facilitate the sharing of data and to alert users of required actions to mitigate potential threats in the cyber.

The Dark Web as an Active Stage for Botnet Commerce

Cyber threat actors use darknet forums to find and participate in "botnet opportunities" which may be both for hacking purposes or for investments in cryptocurrency silent mining. The Dark Web has grown to be an active stage for botnet discussion.

Dark Web Sites as a Platform for Hacktivist Warfare

Among other things, the dark web, it seems, also serves as a battlefield for some of the world's conflicts. Underground forums are enabling their users to buy the most sensitive of databases from both private companies and governments, creating.

Will GDPR Aid Cyber Criminals?

Heads up everyone.In the last 48 hours I (just like you), have received emails from companies like Paypal and LinkedIn letting me know they updated their ToS to be GDPR compliant.Although these were legit, it is a great opportunity for.

Hacktivist Group "Anonymous" in Slovakia Targets NATO & EU Sites

Sixgill's Dark Web threat intelligence platform is constantly searching deep and dark web sources for cyber threats. The group "Anonymous" is a well known hactivist organization with global affiliates. In the past, Sixgill has been able to.

Emerging Trends in Dark Net Markets

Every now and then, there is a high profile closure of a Dark Net market. The most famous such closure, of course, was of Silk Road. In 2017, two of the largest Dark Net markets, Alpha Bay and Hansa, were also closed down. But as history has.

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