Cyber threats and Dark Web trends from the experts at Sixgill

How SixGill Spots Threats Lurking in the Dark Web

Breaches of sensitive information from government agencies, financial organizations, law enforcement, and healthcare providers can all be found on the Dark Web. The first step in a proactive approach is leveraging a cybersecurity threat.

Dark Web Financial Fraud Spikes in Second Half of 2019: Over 76 million Credit Cards for Sale

The number of stolen credit cards offered for sale on dark web markets swelled in the second half of 2019 to more than 76 million, more than three times the number that had appeared for sale in the first half of the year. 

Top 4 Dark Web Trends to Watch for in 2020

When we say “Dark Web” a lot of security professionals imagine criminals buying drugs with cryptocurrency- but they don’t always realize the damage dark web activity poses directly to their organization. According to McAfee and the Center for.

Shedding Light On Dark Web vs Deep Web vs Gray Web

The Internet is an intrinsic part of our lives and livelihood. We’re all familiar with what’s called the surface Web, which are all the sites that you find when Googling for information. But then you hear terms like ‘Dark Web’, ‘Deep Web’, and.

What is Driving SIM Swapping Chatter on the Dark Web?

For years, security advocates have urged the use of two-factor authentication. The premise was simple: since passwords can be stolen, you need an additional level of security. Usually, that meant sending a PIN to a user’s smartphone by SMS.


Top 21 Cybersecurity & Threat Intelligence Events in 2020

Making time for cybersecurity events is a great way to keep pace, network with colleagues, and discuss new innovations. We’ve researched what’s out there and are happy to share our findings with you. While not an exhaustive list, the following.

Click Fraud for Sale on the Dark Web

The digital advertising market generated an estimated $283 billion in 2018.


As smartphone penetration continues to rise, people rely on their mobiledevices to provide near constant access to information. The importance ofconnectivity has made such devices an essential part of one’s personaland work life, allowing users.

5 Scary Trends We Found On The Dark Web

The Dark Web provides the one thing threat actors crave more than anything: complete anonymity. The ability to disconnect online identities from the real-world creates a digital wild west. In the Dark Web, threat actors (can and do) hang out.

Cybersecurity Threat Intelligence: Luxury or Necessity?

The Deep Web is the principal repository of all our most sensitive information. Government agencies, financial service companies, healthcare providers, universities, and law enforcement agencies all store significant amounts of data there. 

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