Beyond the Buzzwords: Actionable Insights

August 5, 2021

In the previous posts we’ve explored the TI buzzwords “real-time” and “AI”.  We’ve ventured beyond the hype and learned how to understand whether..

Building the Cyber Threat Intelligence System of Tomorrow: Key Takeaways from Re:con21

August 4, 2021

If there is one constant in the world of cybersecurity and cyber threat intelligence (CTI), it’s how quickly it moves. But while the threats..

Ransomware Retail: Underground Remote Access Markets

July 22, 2021

Abstract: The recent attacks against Kaseya, Colonial Pipeline and other devastating cyberattacks have thrust ransomware back into the spotlight...

The Cybersecurity Workforce, Knowledge and Skill Gaps

July 22, 2021

Two weeks ago, I had the honor of moderating expert panelists at the PrivSec Global Conference on the topic of The Cybersecurity Workforce,..

Looking Beyond CVSS Scores for Effective Vulnerability Management

July 22, 2021

It’s not hard to see why vulnerability management is such an important aspect of cybersecurity. The pace with which vulnerabilities are discovered..

How Cybersixgill's Dynamic Vulnerability Exploit Score (DVE) Simplifies Vulnerability Management for Swimlane Customers

July 13, 2021

Vulnerability management.  Some would argue that the very term is an oxymoron. But there’s no question about what an essential aspect of..

Cybersecurity Meets Business: 4 Key Trends from Our PrivSec Global Discussion

July 8, 2021

Risk ∝ (Threat * Vulnerability) / Controls More threats or more unmitigated vulnerabilities means more risk. More effective controls means less..

A Better Way to Prioritize Patching with Dark Web Intelligence

July 1, 2021

When the Microsoft Exchange server vulnerabilities were announced in March, it reportedly took attackers only five minutes to begin scanning..

Priming Accounts for Scamming

June 22, 2021

Savvy buyers on e-commerce stores know that they should not assume that a listed item fits its description. And if the item is being sold by a..

Deep and Dark Web 101: Key Lessons from Our Presentation at SOCstock 2021

June 22, 2021

If you work in cybersecurity, your work is impacted every day by what happens on the deep and dark web – whether you can see it or not. Not only..