How Sixgill Darkfeed and ThreatConnect Help You Hunt Cyberthreats [Webinar]

By Meira Primes – July 08, 2020

Unparalleled intelligence into a threat actor's activities is the secret ingredient to effective threat hunting. 

Threat actors frequently use underground forums to buy and sell domains, laying the groundwork for future cybercrimes. Once a threat actor has bought a domain, they can turn it into a phishing page, a malware site, or a command-and-control server. 

Because it is so common for domains (as well as other assets, such as actual malware) to be sold on underground forums in preparation for a cyberattack, they are a virtual goldmine of intelligence on upcoming crimes – if you know where to look.

That’s where the Sixgill Darkfeed comes in

By automatically alerting you to suspicious underground activity that could pose a threat to your company or organization, our Darkfeed solution can give you the advance notice you need to mitigate or prevent an upcoming cyberattack. And you can further enhance and streamline your threat intelligence by leveraging the Darkfeed’s integration with ThreatConnect. 

To learn how this integration enables companies and organizations to identify cyberthreats more quickly and effectively, we invite you to join us for a joint webinar next Wednesday, July 15th, at 11:00 a.m. EDT (8:00 a.m. PDT and 4:00 p.m. BST). If you can’t join us at that time, register for the webinar to receive a recording of it in your inbox.

This informative session will feature insights from John Hall, Solutions Engineer at ThreatConnect, and Dov Lerner, Security Research Lead at Sixgill. In it, you will learn:

  • The unique and preemptive intelligence Sixgill Darkfeed provides.
  • The benefits of responding to SIEM alerts based on Darkfeed findings.
  • How ThreatConnect Playbooks coupled with Sixgill intelligence elevate threat hunting for emerging infrastructures.

To discover how integrating the Sixgill Darkfeed with ThreatConnect enhances your cyberthreat intelligence capabilities, click below to sign up.



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