Gilad Israeli

The Challenge Behind Cyber Intelligence

March 18, 2019

Intelligence has many different faces. The simplest way to describe intelligence might be - information discovery for a certain purpose. Now,..

The Changing Face of the Cyber-Criminal Underground Playground

December 18, 2018

The underground has long been providing a haven for the malicious activities of cyber threat actors. By creating a greenhouse for the obtaining of..

The Emerging Threat of Amateur Hackers

December 18, 2018

How dangerous is a bored high school student armed with a keyboard and an attraction to hacking? Well, it depends. Generally speaking, the run of..

What Would a Collaborative Hackers' Discussion Look Like?

July 31, 2018

Cyber-threat actors may plot against their targets by using secure, instant-messaging platforms and anonymous deep and dark web forums. By..

Updated And Upgraded: Underground's Crypto-Currency Silent Miners

July 2, 2018

Blockchain has recently caught a major piece of the world's financial system, and therefore inspired curiosity among fraudsters who look for new..

How The Dark Web Provides Cybercriminals With Trojan FAQ

June 12, 2018

Various cyber-incidents from the last couple of years have proved that the prophecy was correct: cyber-threats such as malware and ransomware of..

The Dark Web as an Active Stage for Botnet Commerce

May 9, 2018

Cyber threat actors use darknet forums to find and participate in "botnet opportunities" which may be both for hacking purposes or for investments..

Dark Web Sites as a Platform for Hacktivist Warfare

April 4, 2018

Among other things, the dark web, it seems, also serves as a battlefield for some of the world's conflicts. Underground forums are enabling their..